Iron Division


Basic information on Great War Reenacting with the 109th

Quick facts on Great War (GW) Reenacting

  • There are two major GW reenacting organizations in the US: The Great War Association (for the east & central US) and the Great War Historical Society in California. The GWA is the larger of the two, and draws reenactors from all over the US and overseas.
  • The GWA owns its own site in Newville, PA. This site, comprising 80 acres, is fully developed with trench networks, bunkers, wire entanglements, shell holes and craters.
  • There are currently over 30 units in the GWA portraying nationalities including American, English, Canadian, Irish, Scot, French, Russian, Australian, German & Austrian.
  • To reenact at Newville, you must be a member of the GWA and belong to a participating unit.
  • The largest events are our National events at Newville. These occur in April and November each year and are non-spectator. These tactical events include day and night combat, as well as authentic living history opportunities such as fatigue details, messing & trench life.
  • GW reenacting is physically strenuous. Anyone contemplating participation should be relatively fit to avoid injury.

Quick facts on our unit

  • The 109th is the largest unit in the Great War Association.
  • The 109th currently provides the core of AEF leadership to the AEF company at Newville.
  • Our membership includes men from Massachusetts to Florida and as far west as Arizona.

Getting Involved

The first thing to do once you decide to take the plunge is to decide the nationality you wish to portray. From there you will have a choice of units. Once you have chosen a unit, you should seek their guidance in getting started in kitting out.

If you choose to join the 109th, you must:

  • Pay your entry fee. This is a one time buy in of $50, which gives you an investment in our positions consistent with our veteran members. We are responsible for the maintenance of our position, and anything we put in is an investment in ourselves. Your buy in provides working capital for our trench efforts.
  • Equip yourself. We will provide guidance on what to buy, and where to buy it, but you are responsible for acquiring the gear.The cost of basic equipping for an AEF impression currently runs around $1000.
  • Meet our authenticity standards. These are in concert with those of the GWA and are intended to provide all participants with as accurate an experience as we can provide. These include requirements for kit, personal grooming and appearance, and behavior
  • Meet our safety standards. These are those of the GWA
  • Join the GWA.This is a requirement of all participants at Newville.