Iron Division


Great War Organizations

Great War Association  -The pre-eminent Great War Living history organization
Great War Society Historical Preservation and Research society

Great War Living History Units

Allied Units

AEF Units
107th Inf, 27th Div  Good bunch of NY boys, attached to the Brits
116th Inf, 29th Div Mortar & MG men from the Mid-Atlantic
33rd Infantry Div Michigan doughboys
318th Inf, 80th Div Hardcore southern boys, strange to call them “Yank”
49th CO 5th Marines Wisconsin Leathernecks
67th CO 5th Marines  Atlantic Coast Marines

BEF & Commonwealth
Black Watch
Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Battalion HQ Staff
Border Regiment
27th Battn, Canadian Infantry

151st Infantry
8th Chasseurs


Central Powers Units

Imperial German
IR63– Keeps the ANZACS busy
5th Sturmpioneers
20th Machine Gun
8th Kurassier
Lieb Regiment

Non Combat
DRK – Beware the wooden spoon!!!


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Historical Resources for the AEF:

Trenches on the Web
The Doughboy Center  Start here for AEF info, no question!